Phase 2 - Design

Cell and battery performance depends heavily upon device design, processing steps, and the process sequences used during fabrication. Manufacturing tolerances and electrochemical compatibility of the case/pouch material and active components (anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte) associated with the electrochemical system must be suitably taken into account for a successful product development. Manufacturability and associated costs are other critical factors that drive the overall design approach. MaxPower's goal is to help you arrive at a product that performs to your application's requirements reliably and at an affordable cost.

Each Design Phase encompasses the following tailored to your specific application needs:

MaxPower's Four Step Development Cycle

Phase 1 - Concept
Phase 2 - Design
Phase 3 - Prototyping
Phase 4 - Production Readiness

MaxPower will work with you starting and finishing at any point during the development cycle to meet your specific needs.