Phase 4 - Production Readiness

MaxPower engineers have many years of experience in successfully developing cells and batteries and transitioning them into a production environment. The reality of the lithium and lithium-ion battery markets is that initial production volumes of new products can be quite small compared to the production volumes seen in the consumer battery markets for laptops and smart phones. MaxPower can help ease this transition by providing small volume production capabilities. This can help you avoid prohibitive costs early in the production cycle and help you achieve a successful transition from development into production.

Each Production Readiness Phase encompasses the following tailored to your specific application needs:

MaxPower's Four Step Development Cycle

Phase 1 - Concept
Phase 2 - Design
Phase 3 - Prototyping
Phase 4 - Production Readiness

MaxPower will work with you starting and finishing at any point during the development cycle to meet your specific needs.